Websites load slower than usual

First of all, make sure that AdGuard DNS is the culprit. Disable it temporarily and see if the connection speed goes up. If it doesn’t, the problem is likely to be elsewhere.
Unfortunately, sometimes you may experience slowness when using a DNS service. It most often happens when there is no server close to your physical location. Visit our website to see the map of AdGuard DNS servers.
Sometimes, there is a nearby server, but a different one gets automatically selected for you. Go to the AdGuard Test Page to check your current DNS server (located at the bottom of the screen). Then, reconnect to a closer server.
Unfortunately, we do not control the automatic server selection: it depends on many parties and factors, including your Internet service provider (ISP). You may try, if possible, switching to a different network. We’re constantly adding more servers so that the situation improves in the future.
Finally, if you are using AdGuard for Windows or AdGuard for Android to set up AdGuard DNS, try switching to the DNS-over-QUIC protocol. It may increase your connection speed.
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