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Private AdGuard DNS beta test

Private AdGuard DNS is the youngest AdGuard product, even though it is in some ways a logical continuation of the idea of AdGuard Home. With every new version we try to make Private AdGuard DNS better. And on our way to perfection we really need the help of beta testers. Join our team!

How to become a beta tester

To become a beta tester of Private AdGuard DNS go to the AdGuard DNS website, click the 'Join beta' button in the upper right corner, sign in through social media or an existing AdGuard account. That's it: now you can set up your Private AdGuard DNS, use the service and send us reports on how it works.

How to report a bug

Let’s imagine it happened — you spotted a bug. Or maybe you just want to share your suggestion with developers? Anyway, there are several ways to let us know:

The above methods are the most preferred, but you can use others if necessary:

  • Find us on various social media platforms, like Facebook, Reddit, etc. However, this is not the most efficient way to discuss technical matters.

  • Email our support team from the Support tab in the app or write directly to