School’s back and so is the AdGuard promo: up to 83% off

In a world where technology is rapidly evolving and new information is at our fingertips, the thirst for knowledge is never-ending. In celebration of the learning spirit, we are rolling out our Back to School promo!

Get ready for a safer, more focused, and efficient studying experience with AdGuard products and don’t miss the chance to purchase them much cheaper until September 3.

🎒 Get AdGuard Ad Blocker at up to 40% off

🎒 Get AdGuard VPN 2-year subscription at 80% off

🎒 Get AdGuard DNS at 30% off

Maximize your discount by completing our fun AdGuardology quiz! No matter what score you get, we will give you an additional 3% discount on AdGuard VPN and 5% on AdGuard Ad Blocker and AdGuard DNS anyway.

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How AdGuard can improve your studies

AdGuard Ad Blocker helps you maintain your attention by keeping unnecessary interruptions at bay. The online environment around study materials and resources becomes clearer, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters.

And one more less obvious thing: AdGuard will prevent apps from leaking your personal data, including your favorite time-management app that you use to boost your productivity.

AdGuard VPN opens access to any content you want. Whether it's a research paper, academic website, or educational video blocked in your region, AdGuard VPN lets you break free from restrictions and gives you the freedom to learn from anywhere.

AdGuard DNS can also help you study better with its Parental control feature. Typically, Parental control is used to prevent children from being distracted by watching videos or playing online games. However, it can also be a challenge for adults to exercise self-control.

With AdGuard DNS, you have the ability to restrict access to specific websites, apps, and games by selecting them from a list. You can also set up a Parental control schedule to manage online distractions.

We wish you happy studying and great results!

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