Websites load slower than usual

First of all, make sure that AdGuard DNS is the culprit. Disable it temporarily and see if the speed goes up. If it doesn't then the problem likely lies somewhere else.
Unfortunately, sometimes there can be a slowdown when you use a DNS service. Most often it happens when there's no server location close to where you connect from. Visit our website to see the map of AdGuard DNS servers.
In rare cases, there is a nearby server but a different one is selected for you. Go to AdGuard test page to see your current server at the bottom of the screen. Sadly, the server location gets chosen automatically based on many factors, including your ISP (Internet service provider), and we don't have a say in this. If you have an option to switch to a different network, try doing that. We're constantly working on adding more servers, so the situation may improve in the future.
Finally, if you're using AdGuard for Windows or AdGuard for Android app to set up AdGuard DNS, try switching to DNS-over-QUIC protocol. It may yield positive results speed-wise.
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