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AdGuard Ad Blocker and AdGuard DNS suffer collateral damage after AdGuard VPN gets blocked in Russia

The problems below only affect Russian users. Still, we believe it is important to describe these problems and possible solutions to them, even if they don't concern the majority of readers.

In Russia, the fight against VPN services has long been ongoing with varying success. On July 27, blocking authorities reached AdGuard VPN. Regrettably, their methods were crude, and along with AdGuard VPN the entire adguard.com domain became unavailable for Russian users. This led to multiple issues with AdGuard Ad Blocker and AdGuard DNS service.

AdGuard Ad Blocker

We assume that the ad blocker website got caught up in the grinder of the system by mistake. However, even if this was not a deliberate effort to harm the ad blocker, there is no guarantee that this error will be fixed by blocking authorities in the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, blocking the website affected the functionality of the apps too: e.g., checking license keys and checking for updates may not work. We will be releasing new versions to fix this as soon as possible.

AdGuard DNS

The blocking of the DNS service is no less distressing, especially for those users who specified AdGuard DNS server addresses directly in their device settings and not via the AdGuard app. For them the blocking disrupts access to the Internet. We expect to fix this in the quickest possible way.

If you specified the AdGuard DNS in your device settings and encountered this problem, here is a temporary solution. Just change the domain name in your DNS settings depending on the server you're using:

AdGuard DNS:
AdGuard DNS Family Protection:
AdGuard DNS Non-filtering:

We are doing our best to guarantee the availability and performance of our products and services even in such conditions. To keep up with the latest news, subscribe to our social media accounts.

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