About us

We are AdGuard, the developer of AdGuard Ad Blocker and AdGuard VPN. We have been running our company for more than 10 years and have accumulated a wealth of experience protecting personal data online. In 2021, we decided to go back to the roots of ad blocking and rethink DNS — as a result, AdGuard DNS has appeared. With it, you can create your own personal DNS servers to protect your data, block ads and trackers, and allow you to control access to content on the Internet.


It may sound surprising, but DNS-level blocking is the first known approach to ad blocking. It took a long time for DNS as a standard to evolve, but a few years ago new encryption standards began to emerge: DNS-over-TLS, DNS-over-HTTPS, and DNS-over-QUIC. These protocols quickly became popular and revolutionized the field of cybersecurity.
As DNS encryption has matured, many technical hurdles have vanished: public DNS servers can now be used on any network and are much easier to configure. We decided to take it one step further and developed AdGuard DNS — creating and configuring private DNS servers has never been so easy!

Who we are

We are developers, QA engineers, content makers, designers, managers, support team, and the product owner — with three founders at the head of the whole business. And we have over a decade of experience in the Internet security industry.

Our values

We have formulated the principles that set the course and direction of our work.


Our history began in 2009 when we came up with the idea to create an ad blocker. We have developed rapidly — thanks in large part to the support of our users and beta testers. Over 11 years, the AdGuard community has expanded to include tens of millions of users who trust us with their privacy.

Privacy and security

Whether we speak of ad blocking or VPNs, privacy and security are always at stake. Our mission is to make the Internet a safer place. With AdGuard DNS, you can rest assured that your data will remain private and secure.

Privacy and security

Transparency is the foundation on which we build trust with our users. This principle is supported by our company policies and the decisions we make. It is rooted in our corporate culture, where information is shared openly: for example, many of our products are open source.

Technical innovation

We are proud to have our own VPN encryption protocol: few VPN services can state the same. We use advanced and uniquely developed solutions that sustain a high-quality level of personal data protection and connection speeds. In addition, we have a large number of fast servers.
15+ locations
70+ servers
100,000,000+ users
216,000,000,000 queries per day


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